How to treat mass-allergic acne?

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How to treat mass-allergic acne?

Acne is allergic to masks. At present, the weather is full of problems from PM 2.5 dust and the outbreak of the new strain of coronavirus (COVID-19), สมัคร ufabet making masks or masks an indispensable thing in everyday life. Of course, wearing a mask helps prevent dust and germs. But wearing a mask all day can have a negative effect on your facial skin. Because it has become the cause of acne allergic to mass. Why does wearing a mask cause acne? How can we take care of the problem of allergic reactions to acne? Hear advice from experts in this article.

Acne, allergic to mask (Maskne), modern skin problem

Problems with skin allergic to masks and acne. We can easily observe whether the acne that occurs is acne from the mask or not. That is, try to see if after wearing the mask for a while, acne appears on the inner skin area that the mask covers. In addition, some people may have allergic reactions to masks, such as itching on the face, small bumps and rashes.

What causes acne allergic to mass?

  1. Mass allergic acne is caused by the friction of the mass against the skin. When we wear a hygienic mask, there will be friction with the skin. Until causing skin irritation, skin becomes more fragile, skin’s protective barrier weakens. Causes acne and rashes Especially if you already have sensitive skin, it will be more easily irritated. It also causes acne problems.
  2. Acne and mass allergy are caused by poor air circulation and humidity. Wearing a face mask all day or several hours in a row Makes when we breathe or talk, the air doesn’t flow. or unable to ventilate until it becomes stuffy When the water vapor from humidity mixes with the hot air inside the mask, it becomes a source of more dirt and bacteria than usual. In some cases, it may just be irritating. But some people may have clogged pores causing acne.

How to care for acne allergic to mass

Explore the skin

Let’s examine our facial skin to see if we wear any type of mask and have a rash or acne, such as a cloth mask or a mask made from synthetic materials. Once you know the cause, you should avoid that type of mass immediately. To prevent symptoms from spreading

Change your mask every day.

You should change your mask or face mask every day for efficiency in use. Or if you use a cloth mask, you should wash it with children’s laundry detergent to prevent skin irritation. Then dry it in the sun to kill germs.

Reduce makeup

When cosmetics encounter humidity from wearing a mask It’s easy to get acne.