Keno bets.

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If betting on keno sounds like something you might enjoy. You should also know that there are several types of Keno bets in the game that you should consider. For example, you have:

Straight ticket

The first type of Keno bets that we wanted to talk about is a straight ticket, where you basically just bet on the numbers marked as a single wager. It is the simplest way to play, although most experienced players like to bet on more combinations. One of the more popular methods is known as the Way Ticket. Essentially, you mark around six numbers, splitting them into two groups of three, and mark on the side of the ticket “⅔, ⅙” What this You then bet $3 in order to have a $1 wager on each of two three-spot combos and on the six-spot UFABET 

King ticket

Then, you have the King ticket, where you circle a single number. This number is known as the king, and it is used in all combinations marked. So, let’s say that in our previous example, there was also the seventh number that was circled. That would have been the king, and if you mark 2/4 and 1/7 to bet two four-number combinations, the king would have joined each of the three-number groupings.

Combination ticket

Moving on, we have combination tickets for players who mark multiple number groupings. For example, let’s say you have a ticket with two, three, or even four-number groupings. You can play them as ½, ⅓, ¼, ⅕, ⅙, 1/7, or 1/9. In order to play $1 per game, you would have to wager a total of $7 for the entire ticket.