Various Skills required for Software Testers

Starting your career as “Software Tester” requires various skill sets apart from having Testing Skills.

Previously I had published a Post about the importance of the Domain Knowledge for the Software Testers.

Some people are arguing that hiring Software Testers with Domain knowledge may drive them to change the ambiguous  requirements by themselves without discussing with the Business Analyst.  It will lead to poor quality. Anyway, the companies especially BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) domain companies give high priority to Domain knowledge while hiring Software Testers.

Apart from BFSI applications few other things such as,  Mobile application testing, VoIP applications, Gaming testing, Network testing, Wireless application testing and Protocol testing are also requiring domain knowledge for the software Testing professionals.

So, the Software Testers need to have below skills.

  • Testing skill
  • Domain knowledge
  • Technical skills
  • Communication skill
  • Automation skill
  • programming skill

If I missed to mention any other important skills, you can say it thro’ the comments.