Will QTP Certification Give you any Benefit?

I used to get emails from Software Testers who bought my eBook about Software Testing and QTP Automation.

Most of the people ask me about QTP Certification. They want to know whether QTP Certification will help them to get good job, and they want to know how to get QTP Certification, how much money they need to spend for getting QTP certification, where to get mock tests and model question papers, what are the various certifications available for QTP certification, where to get syllabus for QTP certification, who is giving QTP certification? HP? Mercury? or any other thrid-party, whether it is easy to pass the QTP Certification, and whether they will be allowed to retake the exam if they didn’t pass the first attempt.

Even Today I got a query like whether qtp 9.2 v exams can be taken up or qtp 11 v alone can be taken up.

Personally, I am NOT a fan of QTP certification. Because, I was able to get good high paying automation jobs easily without getting QTP certification. Anyway, I understand that QTP certification may help the Job seekers in some way.

What is your opinion? Do you believe that QTP Certification will Give you any Benefit?

I would like to know whether anyone still searching for Automation job even after getting the QTP certification.

So, you can share your experience thro’ the comments. And, you may answer for the various QTP certifications related queries thro’ the comments. If you blindly add your advertisements without contributing any content, your comments will be deleted. I want to keep this post as single place to get everything about QTP certification.