eBook for learning Software Testing And QTP (HP Quick Test Professional) Automation

This eBook will be useful for learning Software Testing and it covers from Basics to Best practices about learning and using QTP (Quick Test Professional) which is more popular among Software Test Automation Tools.

This eBook Covers below topics.

  • Importance of Software Testing
  • Basics of Quality Assurance (QA) in Software Development
  • Explains below Terms used in Software Testing.
    • Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
    • Functional & Non-functional Testing
    • Testing methods (whitebox, blackbox and Greybox)
    • Testing levels (Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System testing, Regression testing, Alpha Testing, Beta testing)
    • Testing Artifacts (Test plan, Traceability matrix, Test suite, Test case)
    • Software Test life cycle
    • Bug Tracking
  • Writing Good Test Cases and Finding Bugs effectively
  • Tips and Tricks for doing AdHoc Testing
  • Best practices in Software Testing
  • Importance of Software Test Automation using tools such as QTP
  • Need of Domain Knowledge for Software Testers
  • Software Test Automation tool evaluation
  • The need for having development/programming knowledge for Software Testers
  • Software Testing Questions and Answers
  • Introduction to QTP
  • How to Learn QTP?
  • Understanding Object Repository
  • Different Types of Object Repositories- Local and Shared
  • Associating Repositories
  • Understanding Action Iteration and Test Iteration
  • Required Steps/Processes in QTP Automation
  • Best Practices in QTP Automation
  • Scheduling QTP Script Execution
  • Basics of vbscript
  • Links Useful for learning QTP
  • KeyWord Driven Testing and Framework in QTP
  • Descriptive Programming in QTP – Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Tips for doing effective QTP script Development
  • Recording Modes – Normal, Analog and Low level recording
  • Run Mode- Update Run and Fast Run
  • CheckPoints
  • Data Tables – Global and Local Sheets
  • QTP Result Window
  • Recovery Scenario
  • Synchronization Points
  • Automation Object Model (AOM)
  • Handling Passwords in QTP Scripts
  • Managing Object Repositories in QTP
  • Object Spy in QTP
  • QTP methods and script for reading object properties
  • Some Thoughts on QTP Interview
  • QTP trial version installation.
  • Wish list for the QTP future release
  • QTP Questions and Answers
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Pages: 93
Author: Rajamanickam Antonimuthu
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About Author

This eBook is written by Rajamanickam Antonimuthu who is having more than 14 years of experience in Software Development and Quality Assurance. He is the Founder of QualityPoint Technologies, a Software Development Company in India.

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