Manual Testing

Manual testing is the process of manually testing software for the errors and bugs in it. It needs a tester to play the role of an end user. At the time of manual testing tester need only test case and with the information how to execute those test case. Manual testing is crucial for testing software applications more thoroughly.

In today’s technical world, most of the software engineering projects rely on manual testing only as it involves a demanding and accurate testing procedure.

Manual testing involves high-level test plan where we choose a methodology, and resources such as skilled people, computers, and software licenses are identified and acquired. Detailed test cases are written by the tester clearly and perfectly, with the expected Results.

The test cases were given to the testers should follow all the steps and record the results. At the end, the detailed test report is prepared to determine whether the software can be released or not. If not mean they asked to developers to fix the bug which impact the other main modules.

Advantages of Manual Testing :

  •  Easy to learn for new people who are entered into testing field.
  •  Running the test case is less cost than automation.
  •  Allows the tester to perform more Ad-hoc testing .Using this more bugs are found than automation.
  • Its very difficult to go for automation testing for Mobile applications
  •  Manual testing cost is low but in automation it is expensive

Disadvantages of Manual Testing :

  •  Regression Test cases are time consuming if it is manual testing.
  •  Requires heavy investment of human resources.
  •  For every build release you must re run the same set of tests which can be annoying.

Start with an Test Cases Writing:

What is a Test Case ?

Test Case is an Writing Statement which contains test data, outputs, expected and actual result of the application which is tested accord to the Client’s Requirements.

These are the fields present in the Test Cases :

Test case id
Test Case Description
Test data
Expected result
Actual result
Status ( Pass/ Fail)

While writing test cases that all your test cases should be simple and easy to understand for Developers. Don’t give your explanations like essays.

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