Best Software Testing Tools

In Early Days,  Software Testing Tools are very demand and very less in the market. Nowadays there are many tools available in market like Commercial tools and Open Source Tools.  Find below the list of Software Testing Tools.

The tools are divided into different categories as follows:

  •  Test Management tools
  •  Functional Testing Tools
  •  Load Testing Tools or Performance Testing tools

Find below the list of Testing Tools  that are  Top and Best Tools in both Open Source (Free Tools) and Commercial Tools used by the Testers for testing software applications.

Open Source Tools:

a) Test Management Tools

b) Functional Testing Tools

c) Load Testing Tools

Commercial Testing Tools:

a) Test Management Tools

b) Functional Testing Tools

c) Load Testing Tools

All-in One  Testing Tools

  • Test Studio – An advanced tool for performance, load, automated testing, test management, exploratory testing

Mobile Testing Tools

  • Testdroid-Automated Testing Tool for Android.

If any of the important testing Tools is missing from this list, you can mention it thro’ the comments.

Will QTP Certification Give you any Benefit?

I used to get emails from Software Testers who bought my eBook about Software Testing and QTP Automation.

Most of the people ask me about QTP Certification. They want to know whether QTP Certification will help them to get good job, and they want to know how to get QTP Certification, how much money they need to spend for getting QTP certification, where to get mock tests and model question papers, what are the various certifications available for QTP certification, where to get syllabus for QTP certification, who is giving QTP certification? HP? Mercury? or any other thrid-party, whether it is easy to pass the QTP Certification, and whether they will be allowed to retake the exam if they didn’t pass the first attempt.

Even Today I got a query like whether qtp 9.2 v exams can be taken up or qtp 11 v alone can be taken up.

Personally, I am NOT a fan of QTP certification. Because, I was able to get good high paying automation jobs easily without getting QTP certification. Anyway, I understand that QTP certification may help the Job seekers in some way.

What is your opinion? Do you believe that QTP Certification will Give you any Benefit?

I would like to know whether anyone still searching for Automation job even after getting the QTP certification.

So, you can share your experience thro’ the comments. And, you may answer for the various QTP certifications related queries thro’ the comments. If you blindly add your advertisements without contributing any content, your comments will be deleted. I want to keep this post as single place to get everything about QTP certification.

Software Testing Resources (WebSites,Blogs,and Forums)

Find below the collection of useful websites, Blogs and Forums for learning Software Testing. Let us know if you want to add any other useful Software Testing Resource in this list.

And, you can mention your favorite Software testing related website thro’ the comments section. We will rearrange the order of this list based on comments. i-e We will keep the the website which receives most number of positive comments.

  1. SQA Forums – This is the very useful Forum for learning Software Testing and for learning Software Testing Tools especially QTP (Quick Test Professional). Mostly, you will get appropriate solution/answer for your problem/questions within few days if you post your questions in this Forum. Personally, I had used this Forum effectively to learn QTP many years back. I think this Forum is available for more than a decade. Previously it was known as
  2. JAMES BACH’S BLOG This blog is having lot of interesting software testing related posts starting from year 2003. James Bach is one of the Authors of the book titled “Lessons Learned in Software Testing”
  3. LinkedIn Discussions LinkedIn is having lot of Software Testing Related Groups. We can join the desired Groups and we can participate in the Software Testing related Discussions and we can start our own discussion also. Apart from these Groups, LinkedIn is having Answers section which will allow us to ask our questions.
  4. Google Testing Blog – This Google blog explains the Testing processes followed within Google.
  5. QualityPoint Blog – This blog is written by myself. I had written an eBook about Software Testing and QTP automation. Mostly my articles will be telling more about practical approaches of Software Testing. Because, I work as Developer also apart from being a Tester. And, I am doing Business also now. So, my main focus will be doing Software Testing in a way to help Developers and Business (Obviously it should help the End Users)
  6. Agile Testing – Thoughts on testing and systems infrastructure with an agile, mostly Pythonic, twist
  7. Martinfowler This blogs speaks more about effective Software Developments and Agile methods to improve productivity.
  8. Cem Kaner’s Blog – He is one of the authors of the book titled “Lessons Learned in Software Testing”
  9. Misko Hevery – He writes about writing Testable Code
  10. Develop Sense – Michael Bolton writes about how to do excellent software testing in a way that is very fast, inexpensive, credible, and accountable.
  11. Sara Ford’s Weblog – Former Microsoft employee writes about combining agile methodologies with community management to provide the best user experience possible for websites
  12. Association for Software Testing – AST is dedicated to advancing the understanding of the science and practice of software testing according to context-driven principles.
  13. IT Knowledge Exchange
  15. Thinking Tester– This blog provides information about software testing.
  16. Chris McMahon’sblog
  17. JW on Test
  18. Software Testing Help
  19. Corey Goldberg
  20. Testertested
  21. Steve Rowe’s Blog
  22. Exploration Through Example
  23. Test this Blog
  24. Expected Results
  25. QA Intelligence– This is a Testing & QA Management blog.
  26. Adam Goucher
  28. QA Hates You
  29. Curioustester
  30. Stefan Thelenius about Software Testing
  33. I.M.TESTY
  34. Automated Chaos
  35. Software Testing Hotlist
  36. Practical QA
  37. ABAKAS
  38. Tooth of the Weasel
  39. Test Obsessed
  40. Quality Frog
  41. Testing Hotlist Update
  42. Collaborative Software Testing
  43. Eric Jarvi
  44. Test Guide
  45. Testy Redhead
  46. Software testing zone
  47. Marlena’s Blog
  48. Software Testing and more
  50. Quality Assurance and Software Testing
  51. Testing Testing 1,2,3
  52. Mike Kelly’s blog
  53. Enjoy testing
  54. Evil Tester
  55. Charlie Audritsh’s blog
  56. Maverick Tester
  57. Paul Gerrard’s blog
  59. Cartoon Tester
  60. cLabs Blogki
  61. Jeff Fry on Testing
  62. Venkat’s Blog
  63. Agile Testing and Process Thoughts
  64. Software Testing Stuff
  66. Software Sleuthing
  67. The Software Quality Blog
  68. One of the wolves
  69. Musing about Software Testing
  70. Jon Bach’s blog– Jon Bach’s blog, highlighting the humanity in software testing
  71. Quardev
  72. Software Testing Club Blog
  73. TestToTester
  74. Agile Testing with Lisa Crispin
  75. Confessions of a Passionate Tester
  76. I am filled with solutions
  77. Software Testing
  78. Rosie Land
  79. Still Life– This blog is about testing, work, random thoughts, automation and scripting.
  80. Brian Osman
  81. Dhanasekar S’s Blog
  82. The Social Tester
  83. QA Insight
  84. The Testing Blog
  85. Testingminded
  86. Swgetesting
  87. Jeroen’s world of Software Testing
  88. TestingPerspective
  89. Adam White
  90. Purple Box Testing-It gives some brief information to Testing terms like Bugs,Test Cases,Manual Testing,Automation,Tools and Test management.
  91. Lessons Learned by a Software Tester
  92. Pliant Alliance
  93. Testjutsu
  94. Illiteration
  95. Tester Testifies
  96. Santhosh Tuppad’s Blog
  97. Teknologika
  98. Creative Tester
  99. Tester Troubles
  100. Thoughts on QA and Engineering-This blog contains information of about Software Quality,Testing,Quality Assurance and Engineering in general.
  101. Quick Testing Tips
  102. Cruisin QA
  103. Tester Lost Focus
  104. James McCaffrey’s blog-This  blog explains the Software Research, Development, and Testing.James McCaffrey is an author of .NET Test Automation Recipes and Software Testing.

QTP Book in Kindle

Amazon Kindle is an easy way to read your desired Book conveniently.

So, we are offering this QTP Book site content in Amazon Kindle format also.

But, you need to buy it from Amazon site using this link.

Buy this Kindle version only if you are very much interested to read it in your Kindle.

Otherwise, My suggestion is you can freely read the content from this QTP Book site, or you can buy it as eBook from here.

Because, we update the Kindle version very rarely. But this site will be updated frequently. And, We will make any corrections immediately here.

Anyway, you can just refer the kindle sales page to know the fact of this Book ranking Good in Amazon Best Sellers Rank.

What is QTP?

Before learning about QTP, you should know about Software Testing.
Software Testing is the process of checking whether the Software or application is developed correctly according to the expected requirements.

Most of the IT departments in any Corporate will be having a separate division for doing Software Testing.

Software Testing is being outsourced to some third-party testing experts also.

Normally the Software Testing  Teams will be going thro’ the requirements and will test/check the Software product whether it is meeting the requirements.

The Software will be released to the public only after the Testing Team is satisfied with it.

The biggest challenge in Software Testing is  the “shortage of Time” .

i-e Testing should be done quickly in the short time available between the completion of Software development and the software release date.

Bugs/errors found in the application/software will add more complexity. Because the entire application should be tested again as regression testing once after making any corrections.

In summary, Software Testing should be done quickly in short time duration.

It is very difficulty to achieve this manually.

Automation tools and scripts will help to do to the testing quickly.

QTP is one of such Test Automation Tools. It is developed by Mercury Interactive in 2002. And, acquired by HP (Hewlett-Packard) in 2007.

Currently it supports Windows Operating Environment only. (Let me know if you have used QTP in any other environment)

I will explain the use of QTP with below example.

Assume that you are developing an application similar to Gmail.

Once after completing your development you need to test it by doing login with different username and password combination to make sure that your application will allow only the valid users.

For doing this testing, you can just start QTP and do the login activity one time. QTP will record the steps and it will be able to  run the same steps at any time. i-e QTP will  automatically login into your application without doing any manual task other than just starting the QTP script replay.

And, you can feed various username and password data to the QTP script so that it can do the same testing using various data.

QTP provides multilingual support. It supports multi-byte character languages such as Chinese and Japanese also. (But I had faced some difficulties with multi-byte  character languages when using old version of QTP. I believe those problems should have solved now. If you still face any difficulty with using multi-byte characters, you can share your experience thro’ the comments.)

And,  SQL queries can be used within the script in QTP.

Record and Replay feature of this tool can be easily used  by anyone who is having some basic knowledge about computers.

And, QTP can be used by programming experts also as it is supporting the vbscript and the COM.

Because of this wide-range of capability, QTP is widely used by many companies to automate their software testing activities.
So, Job Opportunity for the people with QTP knowledge is more comparing to the other tools.

You can refer the below trends for QTP.


You can see that the demand for QTP is growing continously.

And, salary is also high comparing to the “Tester” salary.

You can see steady increase during last few months. Normally the corporates will allocate budget for automating the testing activities only when they are in financially good stand. During recession the automation budget will be cut.Since the recession is slowly going away, the demand for QTP resources is getting increased now.

In USD as of Nov 21, 2010


$84,000 High Confidence (more than 250 sources) Average qtp salaries for job postings nationwide are 16% higher than average tester salaries for job postings.


$72,000 High Confidence (more than 250 sources)

There may be some good open source tools available.

But, QTP is getting used in many Corporates and Banks as HP is doing good marketing and providing enough support. And, HP is working on to improve it continuously.

QTP will be integrated seamlessly with Quality Center which is a Test management Tool provided by HP itself. (It was previously known as “Test Director”) . And it will provide some support for running Win runner scripts also. (If you have WinRunner 7.5 or later installed on your computer, you can include calls to WinRunner tests and functions in your QuickTest test)

QTP can be used for testing various applications such as web applications, java application, vb application, Oracle, SAP, Siebel, ActiveX, peoplesoft and Main frame application. Add-in concept of QTP helps to support wide range of applications.

And, if you are expert in vbscript and COM (Component Object Model), you can manage to fulfill your requirements, even if the built-in features of the Tool is not enough to fulfill your needs.

QTP supports various frameworks such as Data Driven testing and Keyword driven testing. And we can design our own framework also.

And, license of QTP can be managed in various ways such as seat license and concurrent (floating) license.
i-e You can use QTP irrespective of your physical location if you choose floating license. The license server will take care of controlling simultaneous users.

For example, assume that you buy 3 concurrent licenses and 3 of your employees are currently using it. Your 4th employee can  use QTP immediately after one of the 3 employees come out of their QTP instance. It will be managed seamlessly.

I have released an eBook to share my knowledge/understanding about QTP.

The buyers of this ebook were asking me whether I will be providing online training for learning QTP.

So, I announced about the online QTP training.

I am having lot of other tasks such as developing and promoting our products.  So, instead of doing interactive online training, I may release recorded videos in future.

And, if you own a software/web related business and would like to improve the quality of your product you can contact me. Our Team can do software testing so that you can deliver quality product which is very important for your business growth.

Source- What is QTP?