Best Software Testing Tools

In Early Days,  Software Testing Tools are very demand and very less in the market. Nowadays there are many tools available in market like Commercial tools and Open Source Tools.  Find below the list of Software Testing Tools.

The tools are divided into different categories as follows:

  •  Test Management tools
  •  Functional Testing Tools
  •  Load Testing Tools or Performance Testing tools

Find below the list of Testing Tools  that are  Top and Best Tools in both Open Source (Free Tools) and Commercial Tools used by the Testers for testing software applications.

Open Source Tools:

a) Test Management Tools

b) Functional Testing Tools

c) Load Testing Tools

Commercial Testing Tools:

a) Test Management Tools

b) Functional Testing Tools

c) Load Testing Tools

All-in One  Testing Tools

  • Test Studio – An advanced tool for performance, load, automated testing, test management, exploratory testing

Mobile Testing Tools

  • Testdroid-Automated Testing Tool for Android.

If any of the important testing Tools is missing from this list, you can mention it thro’ the comments.

4 thoughts on “Best Software Testing Tools”

  1. Could you explain how you determined these are the “Top and Best Tools” in the industry? I’m curious to know why other tools (like Telerik’s Test Studio) did not make your list, when compared to others that did make your list.

    Some of the tools that you list I have not used, so I have no comparison for those. But I do want to know what criteria you used to come up with your list, and what made them stand above other tools.

  2. Hi Muthu,

    Nice list.

    You may wish to add the following commercial tools:
    SmarteScript (Functional)
    SmarteStudio (Functional)
    SmarteLoad (Performance)

    These tools are from SmarteSoft. I will not offer an opinion on relative merits, as I work for SmarteSoft.


  3. Good list. I like how you divide the list into “free” vs “commercial tools”. But same as Mike above I’m wondering about the criteria you based upon to put tools on the list. Some of my favorite tools were missing here (QTest, TestRail… for example)

  4. You should look up AppLoader as well and consider adding it to the list. It is a commercial load testing tool that creates scenarios through screen capture images captured as you use the application you want to test.

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