Bugs in LinkedIn and Flippa Too

Linked is a professional networking site used by huge number of professionals.

It seems small bugs are there in this kind of website too. Today I asked a question about QTP certification in LinkedIn and wanted to share this question to the Quality Assurance related LinkedIn Groups. While choosing the Group name I wrongly selected “SEO” group instead of “Software Testing” Group name.

So, I wanted to delete the SEO group name. But I couldn’t delete it as the icon for deleting the name is NOT visible because of the length of the SEO group name is more than the text box length.

I closed the “Share” pop-up window to remove the SEO group name. After doing this, I realized that I might have used keyboard “backspace” button to remove only the SEO Group name.

Anyway I was surprised to see this kind of error in a popular website. Initially I thought that it is happening only in Particular browser “Firefox”.  So, I tested it in Google Chrome also,  but samething happened in Google  Chrome also.

Similarly I had noticed few issues/bugs in the popular website marketplace site Flippa also.

Have you noticed this kind of issues in any other popular websites? If “Yes”, you can share the details thro’ the comments.

What do you think as the reason for this kind of bugs even if this companies can afford good budget for doing Software testing?

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  1. Hi I am Kartik Dhokai, I have found bug on Yahoomail which is one of the most popular website. The bug is like, when we became online after opening email of yahoo, we can also see the our name as well in online list of friends. Which should not be the case.

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