Will QTP Certification Give you any Benefit?

I used to get emails from Software Testers who bought my eBook about Software Testing and QTP Automation.

Most of the people ask me about QTP Certification. They want to know whether QTP Certification will help them to get good job, and they want to know how to get QTP Certification, how much money they need to spend for getting QTP certification, where to get mock tests and model question papers, what are the various certifications available for QTP certification, where to get syllabus for QTP certification, who is giving QTP certification? HP? Mercury? or any other thrid-party, whether it is easy to pass the QTP Certification, and whether they will be allowed to retake the exam if they didn’t pass the first attempt.

Even Today I got a query like whether qtp 9.2 v exams can be taken up or qtp 11 v alone can be taken up.

Personally, I am NOT a fan of QTP certification. Because, I was able to get good high paying automation jobs easily without getting QTP certification. Anyway, I understand that QTP certification may help the Job seekers in some way.

What is your opinion? Do you believe that QTP Certification will Give you any Benefit?

I would like to know whether anyone still searching for Automation job even after getting the QTP certification.

So, you can share your experience thro’ the comments. And, you may answer for the various QTP certifications related queries thro’ the comments. If you blindly add your advertisements without contributing any content, your comments will be deleted. I want to keep this post as single place to get everything about QTP certification.

13 thoughts on “Will QTP Certification Give you any Benefit?”

  1. I don’t believe that certification is a requirement unless you have no previous experience as a tester. More valuable than the certification would be the ability to take part in a course or instruction that leads to a certification.

    Testers should improve their ability to design, refactor, build flexible frameworks, and meet objectives of their test leads/QA departments. Being exposed and open to new ideas and philosphies in this respect is a valuable asset.

    I list additional pertinent training I’ve recieved on my resume with certifications if the course led to them, but I do not list certifications by themselves. When I participate in a cost-based course, I’m buying the course and the certification is merely a receipt.

  2. I think QTP Certification benefit should be considered both from Knowledge Perspective as well as Job Perspective.

    What I personally feel is that from the knowledge aspect, there is not much a person would gain from going through the QTP certification. Its more related to knowing the tool rather than applying your programming skills in problem solving.

    But when we consider the job angle, it definitely adds value to a person’s CV. QTP certification would definitely give you a better first impression (in most cases) but again your on the job performance would mainly depend on how good your programming skills are.

  3. Getting a certificate only shows that you know how to study/take exams, it doesn’t show that you actually know anything about the subject.

  4. My brother suggested I might like this web site. He was totally right. This put up actually made my day. You can not imagine simply how a lot time I had spent for this information! Thank you!

  5. Actually reading the certification documentation and studying for it helped me learn a few new features that i wasn’t using and didn’t know at the time. So for me the certification was useful.

  6. To get automation project,I suppose having QTP cert is very helpful.
    Having QTP cert is not proof for your knowledge. If you prepare using dumps we can get it very easy.

  7. I agree with most of the comments.i feel that certification adds more value to resume and knowledge as well.Some tips and features we might not know that its present unless we thoroughly understand QTP and there are changes in QTP11.So i recommend that its better to have a certification,if ur in manual testing and want to jump to automation.

  8. I’m really confused weather to take exam or not.Because I have about 9 years of functional testing experience in this field but its been 2 yrs I’m on bench. I could not decide my self to go for exam or not.How far its helpful to get a job can someone let me know ???

  9. Hi Guys,
    I am really confused whether i go for the certification or not. I have about 7 yrs of functional testing experience. I know selenium 1.0 but not the QTP. As consider the market demand QTP is necessary. So what you suggest…

  10. To have QTP certification is not only added value to your resume but also your company lead like QA. LEAD OR SENIOR QA PEOPLE can say that our software tested by Certified QTP programmer. rather simple qtp programmer…

  11. As an experienced QTP automation engineer I found the practice questions insightful however, knowing the six options in the file menu will not help you in the real world. Find someone who can demonstrate to you a working automation framework.

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