The need for having development/programming knowledge for Software Testers

In this Chapter, I am going to write about the need for having basic development knowledge for Software Testers.
I have worked as both Programmer and Software Tester. So, I think I will be the appropriate person for writing this Chapter.

When I worked as Programmer/developer, I used to see many Software Testers who used to create poor test strategy due to their poor programming knowledge.
And, it may be difficult to set up proper test environment without having proper programming knowledge.

Assume that a Software Tester is going to test a Web application. If something goes wrong while doing his testing, he should be able to report the issue clearly by mentioning whether the error is happening from client (i-e browser) side, network connection or server side. It will help the developers to fix the issues quickly.

For doing this narrow down, the Testers should know what is Client (webbrowser), how the server works and how internet is working.

He should know how to see the client side error messages displayed by various browsers.
Reproducing the issue also need some kind of development knowledge.

Being familiar with SQL and handling databases will help to test back end part of the web application. It will help to load some prerequisite data also to save testing time.

Test data collection task can be done easily if the Testers know little bit programming.

The recent Agile development model is trying to reduce the gap between Software Development and Software Testing.

So, I believe everyone will agree that it is very important to have programming knowledge if you are going to be a Software Tester.
Now, we can see how we can give basic programming knowledge to the Software Testers.

– Development Team can arrange session for giving overview about the development for the Software Testers.
– Software testers can start reading very basics of programming and web development from
– Testers can participate in code review meetings.

Ok. This Chapter has explained the importance of having programming knowledge for the Software Testers. Similarly, it is important to have Software Testing knowledge for the programmers.

 And, if your company is going to implement Test driven development, then it is important to have close interaction with the Development Team. This interaction will be effective only if the Software Testers are having some fundamental programming knowledge.

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  1. Good point that programming knowledge is needed for being a software tester. I think programming should always be your profession before becoming a software tester. Coding was my hobby for the last three years now. I did a lot of C++ stuff and some Java too. I’m thinking about turning my hobby into a paid job and becoming a software tester. My point: Don’t care what you should be able to, look what skills are needed ( and what the job market is about to offer. However, I think your post is giving a good overview what skills you need.

  2. The constructs of analytics require a programming knowledge. Contextually, the tester should be aware of the technical architecture and the design of the system as well along with the functional architecture and design, to come up with the efficient test case design.

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