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Software Testing

Importance of Software Testing
Basics of Quality Assurance (QA) in Software Development
Software Testing Terms
Writing Good Test Cases and Finding Bugs effectively
Tips and Tricks for doing AdHoc Testing
Best practices in Software Testing
Need of Domain Knowledge for Software Testers
Software Test Automation tool evaluation
The need for having development/programming knowledge for Software Testers
Importance of Software Test Automation using tools such as QTP
Software Testing Questions and Answers

Quick Test Professional (QTP) / HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT)

Importance of Software Test Automation using tools such as QTP
What is QTP?
Introduction to QTP
How to Learn QTP?
Add-Ins in QTP
Understanding Object Repository
Different Types of Object Repositories
Understanding Action Iteration and Test Iteration
Recording Modes
Run Modes
Data Tables
QTP Result Window
Recovery Scenario
Automation Object Model
Handling Passwords in QTP Scripts
Required Steps/Processes in QTP Automation
Best Practices in QTP Automation
Scheduling QTP Script Execution
KeyWord Driven Testing and Framework in QTP
Descriptive Programming in QTP
Managing Object Repositories in QTP
Object Spy in QTP
QTP methods and script for reading object properties
Tips for doing effective QTP script Development
QTP Interview Questions and Answers
QTP trial version installation
Wish list for the QTP future release
QTP Questions and Answers
Basics of vbscript